タイトル: CAN’T STOP アーティスト: ASHANTI
01 CAN’T STOP [pro. Genard Parker]
02 COME 2 ME [pro. Genard Parker]
03 MORE THAN A MELODY [pro. Genard Parker]
04 YOU DON’T HAVE 2 LOVE ME (This song is dedicated to Kenny Greene)[pro. Genard Parker]
05 BELIEVE [pro. Adam Kudzin & Genard Parker]
06 DON’T EVER LET ME GO [pro. Genard Parker]
07 IT’S ABOUT TIME [pro. Genard Parker & Darrin Whittington]
08 BABY BABY [pro. Ernie Lake]
09 YOU ALWAYS SEEM TO MAKE ME FEEL [pro. Genard Parker]
10 BY MY SIDE (Prelude)
11 BABY BABY [Red Rhythm Remix] [pro. Ernie Lake / remix. Cliff Randall & Simon Britton]
12 CAN’T STOP [TinyVoice Remix] [pro. Genard Parker / remix. Ryosuke Imai for TinyVoice,]
13 YOU DON’T HAVE 2 LOVE ME [Mine-Chang Remix] [pro. Genard Parker / remix. Mine-Chang]
14 BELIEVE [SMOKER REMIX] [pro. Adam Kudzin & Genard Parker / remix. E-N-D & onodub]